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My name is Dasha, and I am an independent aerial artist.

I am from Ukraine, but currently living in France. However, my journey goes much deeper than that. Let me share with you the detailed story of how I came to the idea of dancing in the air.

I was born in a big country which is very proud of its history, culture and language.

Big country with the big opportunities and big future. At first, I believed in the endless possibilities it offered. But as time passed, I realized it was all the biggest scam.

The future appeared uncertain, and as a vulnerable creative soul who constantly seeks inspiration, expressing myself through art (writing, photography, and music) I felt suffocated by the limitations. My art delved into aspects of life considered taboo, reminiscent of George Orwell's "1984" world.

Yearning for freedom of expression, I sought support beyond my country's borders. Thus, I moved to a city filled with creative energy and raging with life, raging just like the powerful Black Sea, on which my beloved city, my Odesa, stands.

Here, I bloomed, exploring various forms of art (photography, writing, calligraphy, work at the film festival and a jazz festival) and eventually delving into pole dancing after the first wave of Covid-19. The feeling of freedom and coalescence with music captivated me. Under the guidance of a talented coach, I swiftly progressed, participating in competitions and experiencing exponential growth.

However, everything changed with the outbreak of war.

As mom, my first thoughts at the sound of explosions at 5am on February 24, 2022 were to keep my child safe. Protecting my child became my priority, and we had to flee to Moldova, and two months later to France under the UN program. We had one suitcase of clothes and empty tired heads.

In a small village, Aubettere-sur-Dronne, I found solace in dance again, thanks to my friend here, I explored aerial hoop, rope, and silks. Dance became my healing sanctuary.

France, known for its motto of liberté, égalité, fraternité, rekindled my creative freedom. It merged the strictness of classical lines from my coach from Odesa and the improvisation and self-expression from my French friend, shaping my unique style on the aerial hoop.

My dance flows organically with music, a harmonious composition of movement and emotion.

Despite my artistic liberation, my story lacks a truly happy ending. I face limitations and lack rights as a foreigner, just as I had no rights when I first moved to Ukraine. Ironically, just as I would not have rights today in my country of birth.

It seems that being truly free in our world is not that easy.

This sparked the idea for my project about an independent aerial artist learning to rediscover herself in the darkest times and shine brightly, embracing freedom through artful expression amidst any environment.

I hope my story will inspire others to find their inner freedom and express it beautifully through dance.


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