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I believe the French capital is one of the most anticipated destinations in the My Hoop Adventure project. I've chosen not to prolong the suspense, especially since I already knew exactly where I wanted to attach my aerial hoop.

I couldn't wait to share this location, which is one of my favorites and probably the most beautiful park I've ever seen, Buttes-Chaumont.

The park is enormous, but after some time of search I decided to stay on the first tree I came across. If you're coming from the Buttes-Chaumont metro station, head left at the entrance. Disregard the paths and go straight up to the circle of trees. Let Avenue Darcel be your landmark, you'll cross it as you continue uphill. There, on the very top you can attach your aerial hoop.

Best time for training

Morning. The earlier, the better. Buttes-Chaumont opens at 7 in the morning. I arrived around 11, and it was already getting hot. I had all my equipment and hoop with me, and I quickly located the tree. However, I spent about an hour exploring the park. Finally, I returned to my tree around 12. Yes, the sun is perfectly peeking in through the trees, as you can see on the video, but there were already quite a few people around.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ different configurations of equipment

+ super easy to climb the tree (I became quite lazy after Toulouse) just with the sling

- a lot of people. As a minimum, you will always have people jogging on the background

- the dancing surface is a bit inclined

In general, the park is 100% worth visiting and spending time.

Equipment used

  • 1 m sling

  • 1 falcon strap

  • swivel

  • 2 carabiners

After all, I had absolutely divine lighting. However, as more people started to arrive, it became impossible to capture the video from that angle. I decided to change the angle, sacrificing some of the great lighting, but I managed to record my best and longest improvisation (so far), completely carried away by the music, and having my dear friend watching might have also played a role :)

Feel free to share your opinion or suggest on where else we could do it in Paris!


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