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Toulouse boasts an abundance of easily accessible green gardens and parks. However, locating the ideal tree for peaceful training posed a genuine challenge. I discovered the perfect trees for silks and aerial hoop practice in Jardins du Barry.

If you head from Voie du Toec toward the children's playground and the pond, you'll find it to the left from the pathway near the picnic tables.

This time I caught my cameraman into the frame:

Best time for training

Morning, noon around 10am to 2pm. Not many people, the park is not crowded at all. From time to time you will see and hear airplanes over your head because of the close proximity to the airport, however, it is not disturbing.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Steady, easy to climb tree, no silks needed

+ Availability of drinking water in the park to replenish your supplies (other side of the pond, closer to Salle du Barry)

+ The best height for hoop choreo (to my opinion)

- Dusty ground

- Not the best views. From one side you have beautiful pond, from the other ugly buildings

Equipment used

  • 2 m sling

  • 1 falcon strap

  • swivel

  • 2 carabiners

And here are the two improvisations I got there:

I also heard that Prairie des Filtres could be a good option for training. It is quite a popular spot for circus like activities. I will check on that one closer in September though, cause in July and August it is fully given for Toulouse Plage activities and summer events.

I must add that the great part of this journey is I can improve my improvisations and dancing overall by rewatching the videos I made in different cities and adding some new angles, elements, spins, and moves or even something unexpected. It's a truly valubale experience.


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