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My hoop adventure project is about an independant aerial dancer travelling with her aerial hoop around France and...

  • Showing you the perfect locations for training on fresh air safe, free and with a beautiful view - go to MAP

  • Sharing travel tips from the locals while travelling  - go to BLOG

  • Expanding the boundaries of your self-experssion and trying new things to develop your art and sport skills 

  • Building emotional presence in choreo and improvisation

  • Creating network of contacts with the aerial dancers in your city as passionate about aerial art as you - go to Contact

You can read my full story or how it began in the blog post to the right

  • Coming soon: free online programs for the beginners or how to start your aerial adventure

  • Also coming soon: guidance on how to make the best photos of the aerial elements

the beauty and aesthetics of the aerial dance with
Nature as a dance partner

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