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During my aerial mission in 'Petite Toulouse', I explored the picturesque Port Canal, an area with plenty of trees adorning both sides of the mesmerizing water canal. I succeeded in finding the 'right tree' with a beautiful view.

From Port Canal you take a walking path along the canal (right side) and a little bit further after the turn you will see the tree you can climb and attach the aerial hoop.

Best time for training

  • Almost any time is suitable, as you can find solace and dance in the shade of the tree. I've tried daytime and evening sessions, both weekdays and weekends. The evenings during the weekend are slightly busier than other times.

Advantages and disadvantages

+ Spectacular view, happy passers-by always ready to communicate if you are ready

+ Possibility to use different heights with different equipment configurations

- Difficult to climb on the tree, need to choose the right angle for the knot of the silks

- You are literally blocking the road, but the passers-by always find their way

Equipment used

  • 2m sling

  • 1 falcon strap

  • swivel

  • 2 carabiners

And here are the two improvisations I got there:


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